Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dylan and Ty

I thought the boys looked cute in their matching outfits today so I had to take a picture. Although they look a lot alike, they are so different. Dylan is my sweet sensitive artsy mama's boy and Ty is our crazy sporty daddy's boy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We had such a fun Valentine's day together. When we first got up David and I gave a cute stuffed animal and treats to each of the kids, then Dylan and Mickell had made some cute valentines to give to everyone. The kids were so sweet and thoughtful to us and to each other and even put chocolates and suckers on there gifts to each other.

The weather was really snowy all day, so even though I hate being cold and wet, we thought it would be really fun to take the kids outside and play in the snow. We bundled them all up, and ended up being outside for over 2 hours! They all had so much fun, and Ty was kicking and screaming when we finally made him go back inside.

We had such a wonderful day together. I love to see my kids happy and I love it when we are able to have fun like this together. I love being a mom, and I'm so grateful for the good life that I have.